SKY WAY CAPITAL and the SkyWay Group of Companies proudly inform all their partners, both current and potential ones, about the successful completion of the 10th stage of the SkyWay project development.

We present you a short digest of the key events and achievements of the outgoing tenth stage:


SkyWay production facilities in Minsk, Belarus

In September 2017 the SkyWay pilot production increased its areas: the company – developer became the owner of the new buildings, in the territory of which the production of the components for the rolling stock will be launched, as well as the production of the metal structures for the track structure.

The production workshops underwent modernization:  the pilot production was provided with the most modern equipment, which, coupled with the introduction of the advanced digital platforms for design and development, allows to fully support the first commercial projects.

The EcoTechnoPark

On the territory of the SkyWay test and demonstration ground, there were built several types of tracks which are in operation now: the urban, light urban and super light ones.  The construction of the freight transportation complex is also under completion & the acceptance testing of UniTruck has started.

The objects of the EcoTechnoPark (transport facilities, communal services and exhibition prototypes of the string communication systems) were registered in the unified state register of real estate of the Republic of Belarus. See the registration licenses.

The rolling stock

The acceptance tests were completed and the first industrial designs of the SkyWay rolling stock were certified: the UniBike and UniBus.  At the same time, the UniCar was assembled, which is now being prepared in conjunction with the UniTruck and bi-rail unibus for the running tests in the EcoTechnoPark.

Works continue on the creation of the high-speed UniBus, the first industrial model of which will be demonstrated to the general public at the international transport exhibition “Innotrans 2018” in Berlin.


The SkyWay technology was presented at the major transport exhibitions, including “International Railway Equipment Exhibition” in India, “AusRail Plus 2017” in Australia, “Transport and Logistics-2017” in Belarus, and “XI International Transport of Russia Exhibition” in Moscow.

However, this is not the limit and in the new stage the exhibition activity will only grow: the nearest events, in which SkyWay will participate are as follows: “RailwayTech Indonesia” (22-24 March 2018, Indonesia, Jakarta), “Future Cities Show” (9-11 April 2018, UAE, Dubai), “Singapore International Transport and Exhibition” (SITCE) (9-11 July 2018, Singapore) and, of course, the most expected exhibition – “InnoTrans 2018” (18-21 September  2018, Germany, Berlin).


SkyWay managed to confirm the compliance of its quality management system with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015 and the national standard of the Republic of Belarus STB ISO 9001-2015. The purpose of the applied quality management system is to reduce financial risks, increase productivity and operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve the profitability of the products developed by the company. See the certificates.

Conclusive interview with the creator of SkyWay, Dr. Anatoliy Yunitskiy (English subs available):

The full array of news concerning SkyWay is available HERE. wishes luck & prosperity to SkyWay & to all the supporters!


The transition to the next, twelveth stage, will be held on 25 April 2018 at 23:59 (MSK). In parallel with that, there will be a change in the current discount.

The change in the discount will lead not only to a rise in the cost of the investment packages, but also to the next significant capitalization of the company’s shares that were previously acquired, but to date, the doors to the company are still open.

Before 25 April 2018, make sure to profitably invest in the project by going to the section “Invest” in the personal office of SKY WAY CAPITAL.

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