10 + 1=12. SkyWay passes from the tenth to the twelfth stage at once

On 25 April 2018, at 23.59 (MSK) the SkyWay group of companies moved to the new, twelfth stage of development. 11 out of 15 stages are two-thirds of the way & a good chance “to synchronize the watches”, evaluating everything that has been done to date. The main thing is that eleven stages have been passed with indicators exceeding the plans, and now we have passed the tenth and eleventh stages at once, although such a forced development of events was not planned. Force majeure, new circumstances, emergency decisions – all this was on our way, of course. Much has changed, but our moving forward and developing has never changed.

Today’s economy is an unpredictable maelstrom of events, in which to plan something is difficult. If earlier there could be the economy based on a 5-year plan, then today, it is unlikely to get something conceived and implemented without significant changes for such a long time.

SkyWay General Designer Anatoliy Yunitskiy comments on the essence of planning in modern business in the following way: “No plan has ever been executed on tracing paper, as a plan is a vector of movement. And when moving forward, there is also a headwind, and a storm, and hail, which no plan can foresee. Meanwhile, a plan remains a plan, and the companies, which are constantly reviewing the old plans, should not be trusted. These are fake companies. We supplement the skeleton plan and explain everything that is happening in the group of companies, as transparency is one of our main values. There are not only indicative dates in our 15 stages, which, due to force majeure (for example, the relocation from Lithuania) will inevitably shift, but also financing for these stages, which depends on the investment climate.  We believe that we should not change our plans, but explain to people why we are doing more than planned, and for less money, but a little later than initially planned. It’s more honest.  We are for the truth in business”.

In the world, where 99% of businesses do not survive in their first 5 years, transparency is the key to success. The constant practice is the annual financial audit of the organization. It was successfully conducted by CJSC “String Technologies” in 20152016 & 2017. According to the estimates presented in the conclusion of the authorized organization, the accounting reporting of CJSC “String Technologies” reliably reflects the financial position of the company at all stages in all material aspects.

Man proposes …

Today, postponed deadlines and unconstrained promises in businesses of various sizes are not something that is not uncommon, it is quite an understandable norm.  On the one hand, business needs to attract investments, which means it should promise a lot, but, on the other hand, without a high-quality product, a highly competitive market cannot be captured, and the probability of loss of business reputation is extremely high.

The world champion of unrestrained promises is the company Tesla. The leader of the market of electric cars and the most promising newcomer in the automotive industry has many times caused resentment of its customers and investors, postponing presentations and changing plans. For example, in July 2017, Elon Musk told the shareholders of the company that Tesla would be able to produce 20,000 Model 3 cars a week by the end of the year.  In reality, it turned out much more modest: till the moment only 8180 “triples” have come off the assembly line. And this is not the only case when Tesla throws surprises to shareholders: for example, in October 2016, Musk assured that neither Tesla nor Solar City would require additional investments. But already in August 2017, the company borrowed additional $ 1.8 billion.

Other technology companies cannot boast being stable either: they just can’t help it because of the economic situation.  Microsoft, despite all promises, made 1850 people redundant, which caused criticism from the Finnish government, because 1,350 people in the country became unemployed. Here is another, probably, the most notable promise that was short-lived: in 2005, Google in its main blog promised that there would never be advertising in the search engine. “No advertising” promise in Google search lasted for 8 years. If you try to search something with Google now, you can easily see the Google could not hold to its promise.

Even worse is the case for companies of a smaller scale: the investment firm Cambridge Associates tracked the activity of more than 27,000 start-ups in the time frame from 1990 to 2010 and concluded that only 21% of companies managed to return investments to investors without mentioning any profit at all. And if we talk about the most fashionable and highly profitable direction of investments – ICO, then, we could see an even more frightening picture: 418 out of 902 projects registered on Tokendata in 2017, were closed at the stage of initial placement of the cryptocurrency and soon after it.

Saving and success   

On the eve of the transition, SkyWay General Designer Anatoliy Yunitskiy gave a detailed interview, which he lately does only on extremely important occasions. The main thing for all of us is that the group of companies’ vector of development, set in 2014, is strictly being implemented, despite the fluctuations, caused by relocation from Lithuania to Belarus, counterproductive media resources and the world economic situation.

Much has been done of which was not planned, something was done faster. The creation of the light urban track was started already in the seventh stage. UniBike and 18-seat UniCar were created; the production facilities became the property of the company: the motor-wheels and engines are being manufactured there; a system of transportation in containers was developed; the certification of the 48-seat bi-rail UniBus and the demonstration of the high-speed transport have already been planned.

Eleven stages have been successfully completed despite insufficient funding of the project and complex investment climate in the country & the world.

Less was spent, but more done than planned.

TaevaTee.ee wishes luck & success to all SkyWay investors!

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