Dear investors and partners of the SkyWay project, we present  you a new landing page: with its help, you will be able to visit the string transport testing centre EcoTechnoPark in 360° format directly from your smartphone or computer.

In this format you will not only be able to appreciate the advantages of the string technology, but also to see «live» the most advanced modes of transport – Unibike, Unibus and Uniwind, an interchange station and the SkyWay string bridge. And pictures and videos from the passenger cabin in 360° will give you the opportunity to «take a ride» on the string transport without leaving your home.

If you have an Android or iOS phone earlier than version 13, it is enough to open the section with the photo and the pictures will repeat the movements of your phone. On iOS 13 phones you can change the position of the picture with the help of a scroll on the screen.

Go to the page of the virtual tour in the EcoTechnoPark and evaluate all the facets of the string technologies in a new format.


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