On the media platform habr.com, there was issued an article, titled «3DEXPERIENCE Platform Helps to Create the Public Transport of the Future» from the representatives of the European company Dassault Systèmes. The company is engaged in the development in the field of 3D-design and product lifecycle management. Dassault Systèmes helps the SkyWay project to introduce 3D Experience technology into the production process, one of the components of 4.0 industry: the complex of the technological production systems.

3D Experience allows to operatively exchange data in a single information space, simplify the design, construction and manufacturing of the SkyWay systems and components, as well as use digital simulation mode to quickly find the optimal approach to the production process.

Skyway Technologies Co. was one of the first companies in the post-Soviet space, working on the principles of industry 4.0. The 3D Experience platform, developed by Dassault Systèmes, helps the company in that. The authors of the new article described in detail the process of using the platform and its significance for the string transport.

“Today, more than 200 company employees, who are working on this software platform, are responsible for different components — design, hydraulics, pneumatics, chassis, air conditioning, supporting structures, electrical equipment, electronics, etc.”

Source: https://skyway.capital/news/new?id=489

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