On 23 October, there was held the presentation of the string technologies the EcoFest 2020. This year’s presentation was fully online and attracted over 28,000 viewers worldwide!

The main event of the EcoFest 2020 was the speech of Anatoli Unitsky, the author of the SkyWay technology. From the report of the General Designer, we got to know about the construction of the seventh track at the EcoTechnoPark, test start of the new Unibus’ self-propelled chassis, and the development of the lightest SkyWay transport the Unilight.

After his speech, Anatoli Unitsky demonstrated and commented live the work of the string transport work at the EcoTechnoPark. The engineer took a ride on the Unicar, explained the peculiartites of the cargo complex work and showed the sign of Zero Kilometre of the SkyWay string roads.

The video from the SkyWay Innovation Centre in Sharjah became an important part of the EcoFest 2020. Oleg Zaretskiy, Executive Director of the SkyWay GreenTech, the company involved in the development of SkyWay in the UAE, conducted a tour of the Testing Centre. Oleg showed the interiors of anchor supports for the 400-metre track and laying the foundation of the fourth SkyWay line with intermediate supports every 288 metres.

Besides that, the EcoFest 2020 was remembered for the speeches of project investors from different countries and the presentation of the holographic installation created for the offer «Faces of the Future». We would like to remind you that investments with this offer allow to get a hologram with your photo at the Museum of the EcoTechnoPark.

At the end of the EcoFest, Anatoli Unitsky traditionally answered investors’ questions about the transport certification for the UAE, transition to the next stage of development, EcoHouses’ franchise and much more.

If you were unable to watch the live broadcast, we suggest you watch the EcoFest 2020 in the recording:

Invest in the development of SkyWay and Win from the success of SkyWay!


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