Representatives of the state-owned Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) have visited the Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. Testing and Certification Centre in Sharjah. In our report, there is a brief summary of how the event was held.

The delegation participants were familiarised with the string transport technology and visited the service station from where the test line is monitored. As a reminder: the station is equipped with a special room where the UST Centre, Inc. staff can monitor the movement of vehicles on the track, communicate with passengers and watch what is going on inside the cabin.

In addition, members of the ITC delegation attended a string transport presentation in the EcoHouse. During the meeting with the guests, a representative of the Centre explained that the strategic objective of the project is to ensure maximum passenger safety. One of the important achievements on this path is the recent certification of the technology in the UAE..

Integrated Transport Centre is a government organisation that manages the operation of public transport, parking facilities, traffic monitoring centres and other logistics facilities in Abu Dhabi. ITC’s activities are aimed at supporting the Emirati government’s plans to develop a modern transport sector.

Representatives of ITC awaiting the arrival of the tropical Unicar

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