Another publication about Yunitsky’s SkyWay transport was published in the online edition of the Institution under the Presidential Executive Office of the Republic of Belarus ― Publishing house “Belarus today”. The title of the article is “Get acquaited with a new word – EcoFest!“, it gives a brief history of SkyWay and describes in detail the most important news of the company-developer of the technology.

Since the leadership of the State pays great attention to the development of domestic tourism in recent times, opening new unique attractions of Belarus to potential visitors, now EcoTechnoPark is experiencing special attention on the part of the national media. This publication was no exception – its main subject was the upcoming EcoFest 2019, which will be held in the coming days on the territory of this center for testing, demonstration and international certification of innovative string-rail technology located in the town of Maryina Gorka.

“As we managed to find out, the fourth EcoFest will be distinctive. Each participant will be able to take a trip in the string transport. The company will demonstrate operation of all main components of the system. Everything will work in a routine mode, almost as it will be on commercial routes. They will expose a number of vehicles and an automated intelligent system that controls each Skyway module equipped with technical vision allowing the vehicle to run in the flow of other pods in a trouble-free mode using a sensor system. The developers will show the movement in a virtual electronic coupling at specified intervals and simulate emergency situations in order the visitors could assess the level of safety and comfort of transportation. This will be added with an original dispatching system and new developments in the field of engine building, aerodynamics of rolling stock, agro- and biotechnologies, as well as power generation, new stations and various types of string-rail overpasses allowing to solve even the most complicated infrastructure problems in a new way. In addition, there will be a presentation of the commercial component of the Belarusian engineering miracle.”

Naturally, “Belarus Today” quotes the creator of SkyWay technology Anatoly Yunitsky as the main source of information on the upcoming EcoFest 2019:

“Moreover, we plan to lift the veil of secrecy over the innovations that are attracting the Middle East today – over all that we are doing in Sharjah, Dubai and other cities and countries of the region. People from all over the world will come to us to see the future. And, of course, whatever I say now, whatever the expectations of those who come to us are – the reality is always richer and fuller. So come – for inspiration, for impressions and emotions, for answers to your questions. We are waiting for everyone and are actively preparing to show the best, in our opinion, that has been created to date in the transportation sector. This is the safest transport, the most environmentally friendly, the most efficient, and it should be all over the world.”

SkyWay drone at the EcoFest 2018


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