The representatives of the Brazilian Space Agency have visited the UST, Inc. Centre in Sharjah. Brazilian Ambassador to the UAE Fernando Luis Lemos Igreja and Brazil’s first astronaut Marcos Pontes were among the delegation. Mr Marcos was a member of the crew of the International Space Station in 2006 and is now serving as Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation in his country’s government.

General Designer of UST, Inc. Anatoli Unitsky personally conducted the presentation for the delegates. The engineer talked about the advantages of the string transport compared to underground and monorail, explained the differences between the different types of the string track structure and highlighted the high-speed model of UST, Inc. It has recently been demonstrated in the indoor pavilion on the Centre’s premises.

The presentation of the project to delegates from Brazil took place at the EcoHouse

The delegates also visited the service station from which the string transport is controlled. The guests then took a ride in the tropical Unicar to see for themselves the reliability of the technology.

The participants of the delegation were particularly impressed that the tropical Unicar is specially designed to work in hot regions with temperatures up to + 50 ℃ in the shade. Similar weather conditions can also be found in Brazil.

Anatoli Unitsky, Minister Marcos Pontes and Ambassador Fernando Luis Lemos Igreja in the tropical Unicar

UST, Inc. is a multidisciplinary company that not only develops and manufactures the string transport, but is also committed to contributing to the development of the space industry. So Marcos Pontes, as a professional astronaut, also highly appreciated Anatoli Unitsky’s proposals for the rocket-free industrialisation of space by means of the General Planetary Vehicle. In the future, the system will help reduce the cost of flights and increase the amount of cargo delivered into the orbit.

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