On the site of CleanTechnica publication there has been released an article about why the transport of Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. is more efficient than today’s electric vehicles. Here are the highlights of the new material.

Why is an electric vehicle better than a conventional car?

The combustion of fuel in the internal combustion engines of a conventional car produces carbon monoxides, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons. Gasoline vapours are released into the atmosphere, causing air pollution, climate change and increased mortality, e.g. from cardiovascular diseases.

Electric vehicles have much less impact on the environment as they do not emit such pollution from their exhaust pipes.

Why is the string vehicle better than an electric car?

For the past decade, Tesla has developed an environmentally friendly vehicle that, however, does not solve transport problems such as traffic congestion, increased accidents or high energy consumption.

The UST transport is capable of solving the aforementioned problems due to its technological advantages:

  • String transport’s energy consumption is two to three times lower than that of existing transport systems because it uses steel wheels.

  • The string transport consumes 10-15 times less energy than road transport.
  • String Transport complex is cheaper and easy to integrate into existing infrastructure as it requires minimal land allocation for construction.
  • The track structure of the string transport is located above the ground and does not intersect with other roads, which provides a better level of safety.
  • Thanks to the above-ground location of the transport, the surrounding ecosystems remain intact.
  • The string transport is controlled by artificial intelligence, which instantly reacts to the slightest changes in the traffic situation.

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