A large-format representative delegation from Colombia led by Minister of Transport Mrs. Ángela María Orozco Gómez, has visited uSky Test & Certification Centre.

The visit of the Colombian delegation to the Centre was supported and accompanied by representatives of SRTI Park.

The guests were shown the exceptional capabilities of the innovative transportation and were presented with a certified functional model of the tropical uCar, designed for urban and intercity traffic and customized to withstand hot climate environments.

The honoured guests visited the control room with a software and hardware complex designed to control uSky transport.

Guests from Colombia also visited a demo pavilion, where the model of high-speed uFlash U4-362 is showcased, EV with an integrated multimedia system with the capacity of 6 passengers, intended for commutation on intercity and international routes with a travel speed of up to 500 km/h.

The Minister with the progressive outlook onto the future and a deep interest in the development of the transport structure of her country was indelibly impressed with what she saw at uSky Test & Certification Centre. Thus, eventual application of the progressive uSky Transport & Infrastructure Technology in Colombia was discussed, too.

Concluding their visit, Mrs. Ángela María Gómez along with other guests from Colombia thanked the representatives of uSky Transport for the opportunity to get acquainted with the innovative uSky technology and expressed hope for fruitful cooperation prospects.

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