On 17 August 2019, for the fourth time at the SkyWay EcoTechnoPark, there will be held the EcoFest — the annual event dedicated to ecology, transport and high technologies. This year, any visitor will be able to become a passenger of the safe and environmentally friendly transport, as well as to get to know about the nearest development plans of the SkyWay project.

This year, the EcoFest guests will see

  • Various types of string-rail flyovers which allow to effectively solve the most complex infrastructure problems;
  • Moving of several string transport modules in a row in electronic coupling with specified intervals;
  • String transport stations;
  • The intelligent transport control system that eliminates human error and improves traffic safety;
  • Simulated emergency situations and their solutions, which will ensure a high level of safety and comfort of transportation;
  • The work of SkyWay string transport dispatchers;
  • New developments in the field of propulsion engineering, aerodynamics of the rolling stock, agro-biotechnology and energy;

In addition, the organizers plan to lift the veil of secrecy over the projects that are today welcomed in the Middle East – all those things that are developing in Sharjah, Dubai and other cities and countries of the region.

You can purchase tickets for the EcoFest-2019 on the official website of the event. You are welcome to watch the video about the last three EcoFests.

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Source: https://skyway.capital/news/new?id=529


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