Japanese media portal Emira published a detailed article devoted to the SkyWay transport, which details the technical, economic and environmental advantages of the innovative transport system of the «second» level.

This year, the high-speed railway, which connects Japan’s three largest prefectures, is 55 years old, and its capacity is no longer able to meet the needs of the country’s growing economy. In search of a solution, the Japanese media paid attention to SkyWay.

«The company is currently developing three directions of transport design: urban, high-speed passenger and freight ones. The most practical of these is the urban category of unicars and unibuses, which move on rails stretched above the ground».

The author of the article did not ignore environmental issues either:

«Unlike railways construction, SkyWay does not require any additional engineering work on tunnels, excavations or embankments, so the environmental impact is low. In addition, less construction materials are used in building string roads, which saves a huge amount of resources, and that also has a positive impact on the environment».

Japanese public had a chance to know about SkyWay in the end of last year, when Japanese television company TV Tokyo Corporation visited the project organization SkyWay in November 2018.

Source: https://skyway.capital/news/new?id=599

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