Recently, the mass media published news about the environmental tax on flights to Europe. It was first mentioned in the European Union Environment Program in 1973. The idea is simple: Air transport pollutes the environment and has to compensate for this with money.

The environmental tax was talked about again in 2019. 34travel announced that it would not be possible to travel within Europe for 10 € any more. Airlines will not be able to sell tickets below the tax amount.

The tax is required to make airlines take care of the environment. This measure has already been taken in Sweden; in 2020, it will be applied to Germany and France; in 2021 – to the Netherlands.

Will this way of influencing transport solve environmental problems? Planes and cars are designed to move around the planet quickly. We have been trying to achieve this for a long time, and now we must limit our possibilities. There is a contradiction here that can be solved by looking at the environmental situation from a different angle.

It is not the transport itself that is harmful, but the number of vehicles and aircraft. The SkyWay string transport can meet the needs of mankind in the volume and range of transportation. However, it is not enough to replace environmentally friendly transport with useful one. In order to avoid any negative impact on the environment, production should be placed into near space. However, the launch of space rockets will also destroy the ecosystem. The destroyed ozone layer can be restored by artificial methods. One ton of newly created ozone will cost about 1,000 USD. If heavy rockets launches destroy 10 million tons of the Earth’s protective layer, it will cost much more – $10 billion USD. Therefore, every launch of cargo rockets should be subject to a tax of at least 100 million USD.

In the future, mankind will not be about to do without limitations. People will have to choose between fast travels around the planet and ecology. This dilemma can be resolved with the help of SkyWay developments.


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