In 2018, the world’s largest exhibition of transport technologies InnoTrans registered a record number of participants and guests, demonstrated 400 innovations and 155 world premiers.  It attracted 160,000 visitors from 110 countries, 25 business delegations from 18 countries, which arrived in Berlin to familiarize themselves with 3,062 exhibitors. 89% of the participants expressed their satisfaction with the results of the forum, which is also a record indicator.

SkyWay representatives visited the stands of other companies working in the segment of perspective transport developments. The results of the conducted analysis showed that industry leaders are going to further refine existing concepts, improving aspects of the operation of classic trains and buses.  Comfort, automatic control systems, alternative fuels, comfortable interfaces and sharing models —  all that is showcased at the exhibition and presented in the already worked out state.





Today it is not just about trains and railroads. Everyone here aspires to offer the widest possible range of services, including systems of management, data collection and analysis, all kinds of additional services of accounting, control, and optimization, and also services, solving the problem of the last mile, and many other things. Intermodality, digitalization, automation, and centricity is in the focus. These concepts define a real vector of development of the industry, taking its shape and flesh in expositions presented by the companies at InnoTrans. General tendencies, achieved results and perspective directions are the subject of publication.

Manufacturers of transport try to take into account every detail: if you live near the station, and it’s convenient for you to get on a bicycle –  your wishes are met and a special section for pedal transport is to your disposal in the carriage. If the destination is far from the point of the train arrival, you are offered a special electric car, which you can hire at the station and it will take you to where it is required.  And more things are offered: if you love rock, not pop music, this is also taken into account in your mobile device, connected to our Wi-Fi, and only music you like is offered to you, just like in the café, where the bartender has known you for a long time and is aware of all his clients’ the preferences.

SkyWay stand differs from everything that we have seen at the exhibition. While the rest are busy optimizing the various well-known vehicles’ components, here is a fundamentally new solution. But, on the other hand, SkyWay preaches the same values as other exhibitors. Intermodality, digitalization, automation and centricity are written in the philosophy of the string transport from the very beginning.  SkyWay, like other companies, offers not just rolling stock or roads, but the whole range of services, allowing to accompany the passenger from the point of departure to the point of arrival with maximum comfort. In this regard, the technology is even more preferable, as the configuration of SkyWay systems allows closer approach to the form of mobility, which will be both personal, affordable and environmentally friendly. Here disappears the curse of infrastructural giants, which again and again are trying to make public transport, which implies some limitations of personal space, as comfortable for everyone as possible.  SkyWay can go the simplest way by offering personal transport at the price of public one.

Interest in the string transport was evident: almost all major players have visited our stand. SkyWay has one of the most unique stands at an exhibition, as in fact, the high-speed transport of such format is a rarity, especially with such unusual indicators: the maximum speed is 500 km/h, while the fuel consumption at this speed is 0.93 kg / 100 passengers. × km, which is a record for a high-speed, small capacity wheeled vehicle.

Use of blockchain-technologies, work with Big Data, creation of automatic systems of management of complexes with possibilities of adaptation of a schedule depending on volumes of passenger traffic, innovative developments in sphere of infrastructure construction, creation additional services for people with mobility limitations, etc, demonstrate the systemic approach of SkyWay and are aimed at the full inclusion in the ongoing processes of transformation of the local and global transport system.

Additional attention to the SkyWay stand was attracted due to the fact that it was attended by the key persons of the company with whom it was possible to talk and find out the information of interest from the source. Anatoliy Yunitskiy, General Designer of CJSC “String Technologies” and the author of the string transport concept, was presenting the SkyWay high-speed transport personally.

As the SkyWay employees working at the stand noted, the exposition had impressed guests in a big way for several reasons: firstly, such developments are unique, the concept is fresh and unexpected, while from the point of view of design and technology it has been worked out at a high level. Secondly, no one expected this from the traditionally conservative and “quiet” Belarus.  At the same time, the company creates an additional intrigue:  if such an exclusive is shown at the stand, what remains behind the scenes?

The user characteristics of the new transport were also highly appreciated: there has been conducted a survey among the guests of the stand about their opinion of certain aspects of the new module’s ergonomics, based on the visitors’ experience of interaction with the presented exhibit. According to the results of the survey by visitors from 40 countries, the average rating of its design and ease of use was about 9 points out of 10 possible.

Stands and pavilions are the environment of professionals’ communication, exchange of experience and search for joint solutions. The SkyWay engineers are getting acquainted with colleagues from the world of big transport, they are getting acquainted with us. The SkyWay high-speed and other solutions were noticed and carefully studied by the representatives of all major companies-participants at InnoTrans. They highly appreciate the potential of the technology, noting that in the scope of possible application, as well as the flexibility of the approach, so important today, SkyWay is unparalleled. High-speed personal transit, urban public transport in communication systems between existing logistics hubs, communication with the suburbs, creation of channels of transportation of passengers and cargoes over water obstacles and in mountainous areas, port container transportation and much more. The interaction is very active. The team of engineers and managers, led by SkyWay General Designer Anatoliy Yunitskiy, have held dozens of meetings and negotiations.  And, already traditionally, our exhibition area is among the most visited.

InnoTrans 2018 became for the creators of SkyWay a negotiating table, a meeting platform and an exchange of experience with the biggest players in the field of development of innovative transport technologies and with future consumers of our services.  The participants of the exhibition showed a keen interest in the project, and it is quite possible that this interest will develop into full-fledged cooperation. In addition to the colleagues in the transport department, the business contacts were established with the representatives of the Ministry of Transport of Bahrain, the Development Corporation of Malaysia, governmental organizations of Iran and other interested parties.


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