In October 2018, SkyWay investors received their first payments, which relieved the tension coming from people who had criticized the way of attracting investments to the project. The chosen course of development and open approval from the United Arab Emirates contributed to removing most of the remaining objections.

The journalists of the portal gathered available information and made a detailed review of the SkyWay project from the investors’ point of view. Here are some quotes from the article:

«…The SkyWay’s success in international development can be assessed by indirect signs. This is evidenced by the recent offer of «Reinvestment and Redemption» during which the first 5,000 investors were able to sell part of their previously acquired investment shares in the amount of up to $ 1,000. Another, more significant sign of the successful development is the statement by the Head of the Dubai Road and Transport Authority (RTA) about allocating 19% of the annual budget to his transport ministry for the development of new transport projects by the government of Dubai».

«The SkyWay project literally in 4 years has managed to develop from a a small-scale investment startup to a serious transport company with its own engineering school and production test base. (…) And this means that more than serious prospects are opening up for the SkyWay technology, just like for its investors, who managed to correctly decide on the object for their own investments at the right time ».

You can read the full article here.

Another online investment portal InVenture also mentioned SkyWay’s achievements in the international arena:

«The successes of the SkyWay project are also seen in the international direction of its development: in February 2019, in the framework of the World Government Summit in the UAE, the Ministry of Transport of Dubai announced the choice of the SkyWay technology as an alternative to the local transport infrastructure development. Previously, the new mode of transport was presented to the Crown Prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, who shared his impressions about it on his page on Twitter».

You can read the full article here.

The Emperor of Dubai & the Crown Prince by a SkyWay unibike


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