A double-rail unibus, first presented in June 2017, and a unicar, displayed at the exhibition “Transport of Russia” in December of the same year, are getting ready to show themselves on EcoTechnoPark tracks. It is planned to begin stepwise full-scale testing on the tracks in the near future. Summer is the best time to work in the field. Prior to that, all components and units for the vehicles have passed a full range of tests, adjustment, optimization and commissioning work under “laboratory” conditions at the pilot production facility.

In addition to the double-rail unibus and unicar, several more novelties of the model range and auxiliary systems are coming soon. Developers intend to demonstrate some of them already at EcoFest 2018; the next major premiere is scheduled for InnoTrans 2018 in Berlin ― a unique high-speed module that can accelerate to 500 km/h on a Skyway overpass.

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