The SkyWay transport solutions arsenal is constantly growing. Attentive viewers could already notice a new element of the string transport infrastructure on our videos: the arched supports for the rigid track structure.

At the moment, the erection of the new track supports at the EcoTechnoPark is coming to an end, which means it’s time to briefly talk about it. «Exhibition Sample of the String Communication Systems №6» – that is how the SkyWay developers call it – is a part of the track infrastructure, designed to perform the widest possible range of tasks within the framework of the most current importance targeted projects. After all necessary checks, it will be used for the movement of the rolling stock cargo and passenger samples. Moreover, the new track, as well as the truss rail-string flyover, already functioning at the EcoTechnoPark, was developed for both mounted and suspended vehicles.

“Number six” is suitable for vehicles of up to 50 tons. This track at EcoTechnoPark will be used to check unicont – a cargo vehicle intended for transportation of ISO containers. Other new rolling stock novelties – mounted and suspended passenger and cargo modules for one and two rails – will also be run in on this route. Anatoli Yunitski, General designer of SkyWay developer-company commented on the construction of the sixth line:

“Any complex transport equipment, especially rolling stock, cannot be dispatched to the customer (buyer) without testing it. Is it possible to supply our rail electric pods to the Emirates without testing the operation of all their components and assemblies on the track, repeatedly and in different modes: acceleration, braking, nominal speed, drive, suspension, turnouts, U-turns, safety and reliability of the intelligent control system operation, etc.? And while testing, each vehicle must run at least 10 km so that we could give certain guarantees to it. At the same time, it would be costly to build a separate test track for each type of vehicles – mounted, suspended, monorail, double-rail, lightweight (1 ton), heavy (50 tons), single (for 1-2 passengers), train (200-300 passengers and more), etc.

Therefore, a multi-purpose string-rail route was designed (the sixth one at EcoTechnoPark), unique in its features, unparalleled in the world, integrating all our transport and logistics standards. It will be possible to use it for testing both a unicont for transportation of 40-foot sea containers weighing up to 35 tons and a train made up of double-rail unibuses with a total capacity of 500 passengers, and a unitruck with a payload of up to 35 tons and a double-seat unibike. And no matter what type our SkyWay vehicles are – mounted or suspended, cargo, passenger or cargo/passenger types. And what kind of cargo they transport – piece, bulk, liquid, special …“

The SkyWay technologies continue to be developed. New solutions that meet the most complex market requirements are being designed, tested and applied in the shortest possible time. SkyWay is growing, as without constant growth it is impossible to achieve success in modern dynamic conditions. Thanks to continuous development, we already offer the most popular solutions to the most complex problems. What’s more, we clearly see the future and create technologies of the future that will help to cope with the growth in traffic volume and aggravation of transportation problems.


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