Before the Ecofest 2019, the SkyWay Group of Companies is offering everyone to buy a package of SkyWay shares at a higher discount and to have their names mentioned on a commemorative bronze plate near the string bridge in the centre of the EcoTechnoPark.

The «Eco-Future» investment package at the discounts from 40 to 45 is an opportunity to see how your investment is changing the world for the better right now. Part of the investment received from this package will be spent on development and maintenance of the lake ecosystem, located in the centre of the EcoTechnoPark under the string bridge.

Part of the landscape design will be a bronze plate with the names of investors who will purchase the package «Eco-Future». For the first time, this list will be seen by the visitors of the EcoFest 2019 on the screen of a special monitor.

The cost of the package «Eco-Future» is 1000 US dollars with the discounts:

40 – when investing from the main account;

45 – when investing from the bonus account.

No installments are provided under this offer. Please note that the offer is limited in time and in terms of the funds raised.

The EcoTechnoPark is an established centre for demonstration, testing and certification of the SkyWay transport. It is based on the idea of harmony between nature and technology, the achievement of which is a prerequisite for the sustainable development of civilization.

The EcoTechnoPark was created with the support of hundreds of thousands of investors from two hundred countries. Their names are immortalized at the foot of apple and apricot trees, growing in the gardens, in the sculptural composition, located at the beginning of the Alley of Fame, on the starry sky ceiling of the SkyWay Museum. Now to these names, there will be added the names of those who will invest in the development of the lake ecosystem, ensuring well-being for themselves and the world.

You can purchase the package «Eco-Future» in the SKY WAY CAPITAL personal office.


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