On 20th June, the signatures collection for Anatoliy Yunitskiy‘s petition with the initiative to conduct a check in regard of Belorussian portals Onliner.by and TUT.by, which published the false information about the SkyWay project, was completed. In this respect, Anatoliy Yunitskiy wrote a large article on his LiveJournal page. This is how he outlined the victory of the petition:

«More than 30 thousand people signed the petition, several dozens of letters were sent to the Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus and the Ministry of Information of the Republic of Belarus; the problem was paid attention to. The key role in this was played by the project investors and like-minded people who supported SkyWay in word and deed.».

The investigation into discrediting the SkyWay project in the media led to the fact that the names of specific people who worked to spread false information about the string transport became known. The SkyWay project for the United Arab Emirates played an important role in this process.

On 30 April, 2019, the Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, approved a package of projects, including the SkyWay’s 15-kilometre urban transport system in the biggest city of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai. The Sheikh reported about this decision on his Twitter account.

In the comment to the post of Sheikh Mohammed, someone called Vitaliy Shuravko wrote the following comment to the post:

«Your Highness, please let your security services closely evaluate this project. This company is wildly known as a scam.».

Vitaliy Shuravko turned out to be the creator and owner of 49% of Onliner.by. On his Twitter page, there are a number of posts criticizing the journalists who wrote about the SkyWay project in a positive or even neutral manner; and the reposts of the Onliner chief editor Nikolai Kozlovich, who also spoke extremely negatively about the string transport.

Anatoliy Yunitskiy writes that it was this person who « ordered» SkyWay to Konstantin Sidorovich, the author of «exposing» articles about the project and one of the most experienced journalists of the portal.

Vitaliy Shuravko

The creator of the string transport thanked all those who supported SkyWay in the fight against unscrupulous journalists.

«Knowing the name of the orderer of the articles, I can demand a criminal case to be opened against him. However, the main thing is that we have received tangible confirmation of the people’s huge support to SkyWay in this fight. Whoever was behind Shuravko himself, the calculated decision to start an attack from the pages of a popular portal in the republic that has weight in the journalistic community was right. But they did not take into account that no ordered articles could beat the power of the idea whose time had come. If they failed to impede us when we were weak, they will not be able to do this now either when we managed to achieve so much and are getting stronger and stronger with every day».

Source: https://skyway.capital/news/new?id=492

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