In less than a week, the development of SkyWay project will move on to a new substage of development. Thanks to the support and confidence of investors, under leadership of Anatoly Yunitski, the company’s more than 800 specialists have achieved a remarkable number of significant steps over the last five months:

For the United Arab Emirates, a new tropical unicar was developed & tested extensively

SkyWay Unicar-T glides in the EcoTechnoPark

SkyWay development company expanded its production space to promote serial production

SkyWay production complex in Belarus

The construction of the first 400-meter track began at the SkyWay Innovation Center in Sharjah

400-metre SkyWay track in Sharjah

SkyWay was presented to the leaders of the world at the World Government Summit

Emir and Crown Prince of Dubai with SkyWay unibike

Uniwind was presented, SkyWay’s lightest, most affordable & economical mode of transport

SkyWay uniwind U4-651

The Government of Dubai signed a project to build a 15-kilometre SkyWay route

Substage 13.3 in the development of SkyWay will commence on 11th June at 23:59(MSK). As usual, with the change of stage, the discount offered for buying SkyWay shares will also decrease. Share packages of the same price will contain less shares. Invest in SkyWay before the change of sub-stage to get more shares. The same discount is valid for all 10 months while paying for the installment packages and does not depend on the change of stage.

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