In less than five years, SkyWay Technologies Co. has grown from a small Company with an idea and ambitions to a large high-tech Company with 86 design Bureaus. Almost 1,000 qualified employees work here to create a transport capable of changing the face of the entire planet.

Today we will introduce to you the work of the design Bureau “Calculations on construction structures”, whose responsibilities include calculations on track structure, intermediate and anchor supports, auxiliary units, assemblies and equipment for track structure installation. The Head of this design Bureau Roman Sharshov explained the missions of the Department in more detail:

“At the moment, the design Bureau “Calculations on construction structures” together with the Bureau “Engineering calculations” is developing track structures that meet the requirements of the EN ( this standard defines the characteristics of products, operation, storage, transportation, sale and disposal, performance of works or services). EN is not just a technical regulation, it is a set of solutions aimed at achieving safety of all parts and components of transport even while designing them.

The results of implementing such a complex will be visible in the future, but some progress can be assessed already now. During test runs at EcoTechnoPark we collect not only data about vehicles, but also information regarding the load on the track structure and its elements. We carefully analyze the received information and recalculate the track structure elements and other structures based on it.

Over the past two months, we have analyzed and calculated several versions of track structures to find the optimal solution in terms of parameters and technology to construct the structure. The professionals of our design Bureau proceed with calculations on both classic metal elements, units and assemblies, but also on complex composite structures, including pre-stressed steel ropes, concrete and precast steel casing.

We are working presently on the calculation of radius and turning sections, which also have their own features and specific design solutions that require compliance with the requirements regulated by international standards, including the above safety standards.

The successful implementation of the project requires teamwork, therefore we work in many areas in conjunction with experts of other Departments dealing with metal structures, reinforced concrete, track structure control, but, of course, each of them solves its own problems.

I am not going to reveal all the secrets, but you will be able to assess the results of this work firsthand very soon.”


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