SkyWay EcotechnoPark was visited by a representative delegation of political and business circles of San Marino and Italy, headed by the Secretary of the Republic of San Marino, Minister of the Territory, Environment, and Tourism Mr. Augusto Michelotti. The official guests held talks with General Designer of the company Dr. Anatoliy Yunitskiy. At the meeting, the most functional route was defined, which will connect the populated areas with service areas (hospital, university, etc.) and with new territories.

Delegation from San Marino

The plans of connecting the Republic with the airport and the nearest Italian city of Rimini were also considered as more remote perspective. The parties agreed to exchange visits of technical experts in the coming months, which was enshrined in the Protocol of intentions signed by Mr. Michelotti and Anatoliy Yunitskiy during the meeting.

The distinguished guests also visited the production site and left enthusiastic feedback about what they saw in the Book of Honorable Visitors, which is in the Museum of the String Technologies.

The Republic of San Marino, an Italian enclave, is one of the smallest states in the world. In its present borders, San Marino is the oldest state in Europe. The name of the state comes from the Christian Saint’s name; according to the legend, that Saint founded the state. The area of the state is only 60.57 km². The country is located on the southwest slope of the triple-headed mountain range Monte-Titano (738 m above sea level). The total length of the state roads is 220 km. Arable land accounts for only 16.6% of the area, but rocky massifs occupy almost 80% of the country, in connection with which, SkyWay has no competitors in its territory, providing a unique commercial proposal to create a transport system. The Skyway transport system will not worsen the beautiful panoramic view, which is a world heritage, but will preserve nature and solve all problems of moving people and goods in the mountainous areas.

View on San Marino from the sky

The Secretary of State highly appreciated Yunitskiy’s string transport, noting that this technology is the future of transport, and informing that he plans to order the project of the route of the Sky Way track in the architecture studio of Stefano Boeri Architetti in Milan, which is already responsible for the San Marino plan of the government regulation. The studio designed the World’s Best Skyscraper of 2015 – “Bosco Verticale” (“Vertical Forest”)

In confirmation of his desire to promote the project, the Secretary of State gave an interview to RTV San Marino a few days after the meeting. In the interview, he said that SkyWay is the transport technology of the future and that, if approved by citizens, he intends to implement the project within three years.

Delegation from San Marino enjoying the SkyWay presentation


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