As director of SkyWay Technologies Indonesia reports, MoUs with PT. Jorong Port Development and Indonesia Infrastructire Society were signed. PT. Jorong Port Development is interested to implement 10 km SW Cargo Transport in the most strategic port in Indonesia. Jorong Port is one of the National Strategic Programs. We will start to do the survey and FS this January 2018. Indonesia Infrastructure Society will support us to prepare the local feasibility study.

In addition to the signing of the MoU, this event is also intended to provide the exposure of SkyWay development at the international and national levels. In this ceremony, Dompet Dhuafa as the biggest Charity foundation in Indonesia also declared about the collaboration for SkyWay financing using Waqf Productive – Waqf Infrastructure. This collaboration will make the community to participate actively. This event is also a briefing meeting for Indonesia’s delegation who will go to Belarus to visit the SW HQ in Belarus. Delegation is coming on Monday, December 4.

SkyWay Technologies starts to explore the implementation of the project for commercial area that is in South Kalimantan (Jorong Port) which is a strategic National project. Up to this day, SkyWay in Indonesia already has more than 10 projects that should soon receive follow-up from us. The overall value of the projects is USD 42,532,000,000 or equivalent to IDR 575,732,354,552,313 for the development and implementation of SkyWay along 4,167.93 km. We are also supported by South Korean & Singaporean investors who are able to cover 75% capex on projects in Indonesia, so the rest will allow for any local investors, local cooperation, or the local community based companies to participate as investors in the SW Projects in Indonesia.

Indonesian delegation visiting EcoTechnoPark:

News report by CNN Indonesia:

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