The 2017 final issue of the business-journal “Business” (“Delo“) has gathered opinions of key experts in various sectors of Belarusian economy. The speakers included Nikolai Luzgin, Board Chairman of OJSC “BANK BelVEB”, Fionna Gibb, British Ambassador to Belarus, Sergey Mikhnevich, Chairman of the Belarusian automobile Association.

Journalists also asked Anatoly Yunitskiy what the outgoing year has brought up in the sphere of innovations. The subject of analysis by the General designer of SkyWay Technologies Co. in the framework of the article is the willingness of the population and the authorities to the adoption of innovations, legislative changes and recent initiatives, new achievements and future prospects for innovations development in the Homeland of SkyWay transport. “Delo” has been monitoring the development of SkyWay transport since 1993 (No.1-2/1993, No. 8/9/1994, press-presentation in 2017) (in Russian).

The summary from the editors is explicit. “During 2017, the project has taken a step that is, perhaps, greater than those for all previous years and introduced to the world ready samples of SkyWay transport systems”.

You can see the article here (in Russian).

Shortly before the release of the final issue of “Delo”, another landmark publication on SkyWay Technologies Co. appeared in the Belarusian media space. “Women’s journal” (“Zhenskiy Zhurnal”) has made a big interview with the General Director of the project designing organization Nadezhda Kosareva.

“How is it possible to turn a tank firing range into a test center and to manage hundreds of engineers, without losing the charm?” ― this was the main subject of conversation formulated by the editorial board. Nadezhda Kosareva answered questions related to the management of the Company staff, selection of specialists for responsible positions, the legal side of the work, logistics and much more. Personal aspects were also mentioned: a move from Moscow to Minsk, the relationship with the family. She is the General designer’s spouse.

In addition to the fact that Nadezhda is the General Director of SkyWay Technologies Co., she is also among the investors in SkyWay project, who made a most significant contribution to its implementation. In early 2000s, when Yunitskiy’s strategic partners stopped financing the work of the design Bureau and the test site in Ozyory, Nadezhda sold the estate that belonged to her (hotel business objects) in the Crimea. She invested the funds received from the transaction in maintaining the design Bureau that made it possible to continue research and development of design documentation for the string transport technology at that moment crucial for the technology.

You can see the article here (in Russian).



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