One of the key concepts in the technology of innovative SkyWay transport and infrastructure complexes is unification allowing to simplify and reduce the cost of building new transport systems. It mainly refers to the track structure – for example, at SkyWay EcoTechnoPark special rolling stock is required only for an ultra-light track based on coil tubing, and for one version of cargo track (unitrans). All main types of rolling stock of Yunitski string transport, both cargo and passenger ones, can run on all five existing routes: rigid (truss), semi-rigid, flexible (sagging) and cargo (for unitruck). Of course, we should not forget the almost ready-to-test high-speed unibus and some other developments not yet so well-known, for example, Hyper U, which requires a special track structure, but it is too early to speculate about it. Anyway, at least now, the greatest variety among all elements of string technologies is observed in the rolling stock, and already today there exist a dozen of different types of SkyWay vehicles.

SkyWay high-speed unibus

What is happening in this sphere of activity of the company-developer of the technology today? What are designers and production men working on?

First, about the passenger direction.

At EcoFest 2018 the guests were presented with uniwind – a passenger module lighter than unibike, designed to ride along coil-tubing track structure. And now it is the time for its improvements after a series of tests. In particular, glazing of uniwind was upgraded – to improve comfort for passengers it was equipped with vents and silicate glass doors. All glazing complies with the standards of the UN Economic Commission for Europe No. 43. Upon completion of all work, uniwind was sent to EcoTechnoPark to continue testing.

SkyWay uniwind U4-651

According to SkyWay creator Anatoli Yunitski, the transport system is similar to the blood circulatory system. Major highways connecting continents, countries and cities can be compared to arteries and veins, and the roads coming to each threshold can be compared to capillaries. To succeed in the world market of transport services with a new technology, it is essential to build such a capillary network for servicing personal vehicles that can be compared with a car, motorcycle and even a bicycle! So, the first prototype of the lightest SkyWay module at the moment is at the stage of assembly. Its name cannot even be announced yet, but it is planned to be presented to the public at EcoFest 2019.

From small to large: modernization of traction modules is also completed and the operation of the energy storage of the largest presently SkyWay 48-seat double-rail unibus U4-220-T2 is debugged. Its dispatch to EcoTechnoPark is planned in the near future. It is clear that such a huge vehicle cannot be delivered there as a whole, therefore its largest units will be transported to the place separately, after that unibus will be assembled, and then the tests and pilot operation of the vehicle will continue.

At the moment, a conceptually new monorail traction bogie for a passenger vehicle with 25-people capacity is also being developed. The main efforts of the engineers at SkyWay Technologies Co. are focused to design suspension for maximum comfort of passengers. They are preparing 3D models of several versions of traction bogies for dynamic modeling.

SkyWay cargo transport does not stay still either – design documentation for unicont U4-192-01 vehicle has passed the full cycle of approval, after that it was transferred to the production facility in the electronic document turnover of 3D Experience platform as part of introducing advanced systems to manage product life cycle – a systematic approach to managing a series of changes through which the product passes, from its designing and development to final disposal or utilization.

SkyWay unicont U4-192-01

The “technology” section of website provides updated information about the created samples of SkyWay rolling stock, as well as future vehicles that are under development. In total, more than 30 types of vehicles are specified with data on capacity and load-carrying capability, speed, types of chassis and energy consumption, as a key pricing factor in passenger and cargo transportation.

Updated information on the model range will allow investors and customers to get a better idea of the group of companies and the systems it creates. The updated section shows clearly that already today SkyWay has in its arsenal everything necessary to solve a variety of transport problems.

SkyWay unibus U4-210 & unibike U4-621


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