Moscow, 7 December. The SkyWay delegation in Moscow have their hands full these days. In addition to exhibiting at the annual exhibition “Transport of Russia“, there are other important events for the project organization.  The agreement about the comprehensive cooperation with the Russian University of Transport (MIIT) has been signed.

The agreement was signed by Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Designer of the SkyWay project organization CJSC “String Technologies” Anatoliy Yunitskiy and Rector of the University Boris Lyovin. It should be noted that the scientists signed the document and shook hands in the cabin of the unicar, whose federal presentation is taking place these days at the exhibition. Such an impressive method of signing business documents was chosen to emphasize the openness of the parties to each other and the outside world. It is quite logical for the innovative transport, which breaks stereotypes.

After signing, the SkyWay creator told his colleagues about the dialogue that took place between him and MIIT Rector, during which it became clear that for quite a while, both sides had been keeping a close look at one another and waiting for this moment. General Designer also expressed his heartfelt condolences to the critics of the project, who for a long time would focus on the issues between MIIT and SkyWay.

We remind you that in September, Professor of the Department “Bridges and Tunnels”, Doctor of Technical Sciences Vladimir Fridkin, who previously had doubted the prospects of the string transport, visited the SkyWay EcoTechnoPark on behalf of the MIIT management. As a result of the visit, it was planned to sign the cooperation agreement.

The subject of the agreement is increasing the efficiency and quality of the use of the innovative materials and technologies in the design, development and implementation of the string transport in the transport infrastructure.  The agreement is a lasting one, it is directed not only to the extensive scientific and technical cooperation, but also to the analytical and socio-cultural activities.  It will be especially interesting for the graduates and young professionals who graduated from MIIT, as their career horizons will expand in the near future.

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