SkyWay project will successfully complete development stage 13 on 5th December at 23:59 Moscow time and officially move to the penultimate one: stage 14. As always, with the successful transition to a new stage, the discount for the company shares will be reduced.

With each stage, the SkyWay project achievements become increasingly large-scaled. We suggest recalling the main events that have taken place since the beginning of stage 13 stage in December 2018 and to evaluate how they influenced the development of the project.

January | Uniwind presentation

On 29 January, we saw for the first time the lightest and most efficient SkyWay transport — Uniwind U4-651. In the future, this transport will help to establish a transport link with remote areas without developed infrastructure in a short time.

February | Start of the construction in the UAE

On 15 February, there was released the first detailed interview from the construction site of the SkyWay Innovation Centre in the UAE. In the coming years, SkyWay is planning to build 4 string tracks, scientific laboratories and a training center for specialists in string technologies on the area of 28 hectares.

February | World Government Summit

On 10 –12 February, there was held World Government Summit in Dubai, where representatives of 140 countries and international organizations discussed innovations in science, technology and global governance.

This year’s Summit guests were introduced to Sky Pods — SkyWay’s Dubai Passenger Transportation Project. Large regional media have written about the project: Gulf NewsKhaleej Times and Esquire Middle East. The ruler of Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum personally appreciated Sky Pods.

April | SkyWay Dubai Track Project

On 30 April, the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, approved a package of projects proposed by the country’s Ministry of Transport (RTA). The projects included the SkyWay urban transport system, with a total length of 15 km and 21 stations on the route.

«We approved a package of development projects to continue building Dubai as the world’s best city. The SkyWay project, a 15-kilometre urban transit system, will transport passengers along Dubai’s skyscrapers through 21 stations».

A post from the official Twitter of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum.

June | Launch of SkyWay Blockchain Platform

On June 27, the SkyWay blockchain platform was launched, which had been in development since the summer of 2018. 100,000 investors were able to exchange part of their shares for tokens and to obtain a new financial instrument. For the launch of the blockchain platform, there was released White Paper — a document, describing how the SkyWay transport system interacts with the blockchain platform.

From 1 July, 2020, SkyWay users will be able to partially write off their tokens and exchange them at special exchanges, the list of which will be updated.

July | SkyWay is among the UN experts

At the beginning of July, the United Nations experts released a collection of materials on the results of the SDG program discussion (Sustainable Development Goals). The SkyWay project has become one of the experts and partners of the program.

SDG is a future international cooperation project, where there are 17 global goals and 169 related objectives, aimed at improving the prosperity and life quality of the people around the world.

August | EcoFest 2019

On 17 August, in Maryina Gorka near Minsk, there was held the annual presentation of the SkyWay string technologies: the EcoFest 2019. More than 5000 guests from almost 50 countries visited the SkyWay Test Centre this year.

This year, anyone was able to take a ride on string transport. The guests saw the working model of the high-speed unibus and new developments of SkyWay, in particular, transport for passenger transportation Unilight, for the first time.

Several regional and international media released materials about SkyWay. A report on the EcoFest was aired on the Russian federal TV channel RBC.

September | Tropical Unicar was sent to the UAE

On 11 September, the tropical Unicar, which had successfully completed its running tests at the EcoTechnoPark, was started preparation for shipment to the innovative SkyWay Centre in Sharjah, UAE, to launch the first string transport line in the Middle East.

September | New production facilities

On 17 September, there was opened a new 1200-square meter production workshop on the territory of the SkyWay design and technological bureau. The new production facilities will be an important step in the transition to small-scale production of the string transport.

October | Launch of SkyWay Centre in Sharjah

On 26 October, His Highness the Emir of Sharjah, Sultan Bin Mohammad Al-Qasimi, visited Sharjah’s Research and Development Park (SRTIP) and blessed the launch of the SkyWay String Transport in Sharjah.

The meeting was attended by the founder of the SkyWay project, Anatoli Unitsky, the Chief Executive Officer of Sharjah Park, Hussein Al-Mahmoudi, and several senior officials.

What to expect from stage 14?

The most expected events of the project stage 14 are as follows: the continuation of work at the SkyWay Innovation Centre in Sharjah, where construction of three more routes is planned, as well as the participation of the SkyWay project in EXPO 2020, which will begin in October 2020.

In his speech at the EcoFest 2019, Anatoli Unitsky, the founder of the SkyWay project, said that the exhibition could be a breakthrough for the string transport project and bring in contracts worth up to $50 billion.


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