General Designer of Unitsky String Technologies Co. Anatoli Unitsky took part in the shooting of the program «Let’s Challenge Corona» dedicated to the fight against coronavirus. The program was seen by viewers of 25 TV channels from the UAE, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Libya and other countries.

Arab countries are holding rallies today to support people affected by the coronavirus. One such country is the UAE, where the string transport is developing. We remind you that in 2018, the management of SkyWay announced the beginning of the Skyway Innovation Centre construction in Sharjah. That’s why Anatoli Unitsky joined the rally of assistance and donated part of his personal funds to fight against coronavirus.

The presenters of «Let’s Challenge Corona» thanked Anatoli Unitsky and the SkyWay project for helping Arab countries. The program also featured a speech by General Designer from the EcoTechnoPark and the footage of the SkyWay’s transport.

The speech by Anatoli Unitsky is available in the original of the program in Arabic.

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