Modern mobility publication Auto Futures has released a an article about SkyWay. The journalists talked to a representative of the UST, Inc. Centre in Sharjah about the advantages of the SkyWay transport, certification and the launch of the first targeted projects. Here are the highlights from that conversation.

  • The SkyWay technology allows for the construction of tracks in areas with difficult terrain and harsh climates, preserving natural landscapes, and integrating transport into existing infrastructure.

  • The SkyWay transport system uses steel wheels that run on a steel rail system, driven by an electric motor. The cars’ movement along the track is controlled by artificial intelligence.
  • The SkyWay track is made up of bundles of prestressed steel cables. Such technology requires less material and economic costs compared with a highway or a monorail overpass. In addition, the ground beneath the SkyWay track structure remains free and can be used for walking or farming.
  • The SkyWay offers solutions not only for passenger transport, but also for freight transportation. There are a lot of differences between these modes of transport. Trucks are much heavier, weighing up to 40 tons. Therefore, a special track is needed to support such a load. However, the freight structure is also suitable for passenger transport.
  • We certify vehicles in accordance with certain standards. But it is not so easy if you have to certify something new. In order to carry out the certification process, internationally renowned companies are sought after. But it still takes a great deal of time and effort.
  • Our project is known worldwide. The UST, Inc. Centre in Sharjah is being visited by potential customers from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, India, Oman and other countries. We have also received many enquiries from the US, South America and Africa. We are open for any kind of cooperation because we believe the SkyWay technology will be successful in any country.
  • We plan to sign the first commercial contract in September or October this year to launch the first passenger line in Sharjah by September 2023. Another project could be implemented in Khor-Fakkan.

Invest in the development of SkyWay and Win from the success of SkyWay!


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