A lot of important events have happened in the history of SkyWay over the past 40 years: the project started building Testing Centres in the UAE and Belarus, began to cooperate with the largest brands of the European Union and brought together hundreds of thousands of investors. The history of the SkyWay project is getting more prominent every day, and today, you can be a part of it!

SWC is presenting the investment offer «Faces of the Future»! With the new offer, you will be able to

– Invest in the SkyWay project with the discount 1:100.

– Create a hologram with your photo, which will be placed in the museum of the SkyWay EcoTechnoPark in Belarus.

Your hologram will be displayed by a special holographic projector. This appliance allows to create a 3D image effect on a transparent background. The image of your hologram will consist of

– Your photo indicating your name and country.

– 3D model of the SkyWay transport, which you will choose yourself.

How to get the hologram in the EcoTechnoPark?

1. Take advantage of the «Faces of the Future» offer and make a lump sum payment or start paying by installments.

2. Upload your photo and choose the SkyWay transport model that will appear in your hologram on the «Faces of the Future» page.

3. The ready-made hologram will appear in «Faces of the Future» in «My hologram», «Gallery» sections and in the Museum of the EcoTechnoPark.

You will be able to create a hologram only when you have used the «Faces of the Future» offer and made a lump sum payment or started paying by installments. Up to 31 October, 23:55 (UTC +3), there is in force the following terms and conditions for the «Faces of the Future» offer:

– $500 in installments for 10 months with the discount 1:100.

– $5,000 as a lump sum payment with the discount 1:100.

After 31 October, the amount for the investment «Faces of the Future&Rquo; will double:

– $1000 in installments for 10 months with the discount 1:100.

– $10,000 as a lump sum payment with the discount 1:100.

The discount 1:100 is fixed for the whole period of installments. Even when the stage changes, you will be able to pay the open installments with the 1:100 discount. You can create the hologram only after the installment has been paid off in full.

Please bear in mind: you can invest using the offer «Faces of the Future» by lump sum payment or in installment only once. That means you can only get one hologram.

The offer «Faces of the Future» is not summed up with other special offers in your personal office.

Today, the offer «Faces of the Future» allows to invest with the highest discount in your personal office. With the shares in the project, you get the hologram, which is your digital imprint in the SkyWay history.

Hundreds of visitors to EcoTechnoPark will see your hologram, and you will be able to become a personal example of the investor who has made a significant contribution to the development of the safe and environmentally friendly transport for future generations.

You can invest and create the hologram with your photo in your personal office «Faces of the Future».

Invest in the development of SkyWay and Win from the success of SkyWay!



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