In the past few months, governments and private companies have faced economic challenges. In order to successfully overcome the crisis period, nonstandard measures must be taken quickly. The SkyWay Group of Companies also offers its investors a solution that will enable the project to continue its successful development.

As you know, the SkyWay’s intellectual property evaluation is $ 400,867,433,000, which allowed the company to retain a portion of its share capital until stage 14. The reserve of shares allows the project management to offer investors a special, increased discount for this stage. 

That is why, in order to support the development of SkyWay in times of crisis, they opened an investment offer «STEP-UP 2021».

Under the conditions of the offer up to 30 June, you can invest:

– $ 50 per month by installment for 12 months with a discount up to 1:60
– $ 600 one-time payment with a discount 1:60

– $ 100 per month by installment for 12 months with a discount up to 1:100
– $ 1200 one-time payment with discount 1:100

The number of one-time investments and open installments of the offer «STEP-UP 2021» up to 30 June is unlimited.The discount will be reserved irrespective of the form of payment and stage change. The detailed terms and conditions can be found on the offer page.

Such high discounts were available to investors when the SkyWay project did not have serious achievements yet:

– its own production with 1000 employees;

– Test centres in the UAE and Belarus;

– 11 modes of transport and 6 types of track structures.

Today, the project is again ready to offer a higher discount to all investors who will support SkyWay in the times of instability. 

The offer «STEP-UP 2021» allows you to significantly increase your share in the project for less money and with less risk, and the SkyWay project to continue its steady development.

Invest in the development of SkyWay and Win from the success of SkyWay!



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