SkyWay urban transport is represented at the International Conference “Urban Transport 2019” held in the Portuguese city of Aveiro. The event was set up by the British Institute of Technology of Wessex, represented by professors Santiago Hernandez and Stavros Syngellakis.

The conference focused on the problems of development and optimization of urban transport networks in modern cities of Europe, Asia and Africa, as well as environmental issues that are directly related to the transport industry. Participants of the forum were commercial and scientific organizations engaged in research and development in the field of urban transport and logistics from the EU, North and South America, China, Japan, India, South Africa, Russia and Belarus.

Maria Dunayeva, analyst, Department of targeted projects, SkyWay Technologies Co. highlighted in her report entitled “Innovative SkyWay technology for the development of smart cities” the features and benefits of SkyWay technology in detail. The report aroused great interest and took a worthy place among the scientific works on autonomous vehicles. Alongside with the report, SkyWay Technologies Co. also showcased its stand on innovative SkyWay transport system at the forum in Aveiro.

Results of the conference will soon be published in Vol. 186 of the WIT Transactions on the Built Environment (ISSN 1743-3509). The reports delivered at the event will also be available in the open access in the electronic library of Wessex Institute, from where they can be freely downloaded by any interested party. The scientific work of the representative from SkyWay Technologies Co. will be included both in the printed edition and in the electronic library. 30% of the reports will appear in the International journal on development and integration of transport sector “International Journal of Transport Development and Integration“. Thanks to such publications, more and more people will learn about the innovative Skyway technology in various countries of the world.

In addition, the employees of SkyWay Technologies Co. received at the conference a lot of useful information on trends in development of urban transport in the world.

The objective of the Wessex Institute, organizer of the event, is to develop the mechanism of knowledge transfer, in particular, in the exchange of information between scientists and professional participants in the industry. This is achieved through a number of activities arranged by a special group of employees both within the Institute and within its associated companies. The perfect reputation of WIT conference program in different parts of the world continues to grow and serves as an ideal environment for achieving the goals of international knowledge sharing.

Shortly before the event in Aveiro, SkyWay was announced among the experts on the UN sustainable development goals program.


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