The specialists of Unitsky String Technologies Co. continue to modernize digital platforms on the basis of which the string transport systems are being developed and produced.

For the past year, the company’s structural units have received over 580 licenses and trained over 100 employees for working with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform developed by Dassault Systèmes. The licenses purchased cover the key areas of the company’s activity: design and construction, business process management, calculation, digital production, business intelligence, project management.

The design bureau has also introduced new digital tools for modelling stylistic surfaces and surfaces of the raised accuracy, deformation and the analysis of surfaces, creation, management and modelling of products with difficult mechanisms. The new tools will help to identify and eliminate design errors at early stages of development.

The new version of 3DEXPERIENCE platform has also been launched on test servers of the company. It simplifies work with flexible parts (springs, hoses, wires), improves visibility of thread texture, and provides a preview of part assemblies in search mode. After testing, the new version of the platform will be ported to the working servers of the company.

Anatoli Unitsky, General Designer of Unitsky String Technologies Co., told about the advantages of the platform 3DEXPERIENCE:

«The platform is ideal for developing our complex transport network. We need to consider the smallest details for us to be able to follow the fate of each project through to operation and disposal, and to know the life cycle of each part, in production including. Only the 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows this approach.»

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