On August 17, Belarus held its annual event focused on high technologies, innovations and ecology – EcoFest 2019. For the fourth time EcoTechnoPark gathered guests from almost 50 countries in the world: fragments of phrases in English, Georgian, Italian, German, French, Spanish and other languages were heard everywhere.

Previous eco-festivals held in 2016 and 2017 were attended by about 800 and 5,000 participants, respectively. And in 2018, their total number, including those who watched the event online, exceeded 50,000. In 2019, EcoTechnoPark received a record 5500 people.

You could watch what was happenning at the festival thanks to the live broadcast on YouTube. Guests of the event were actively sharing their impressions from all the events in social networks. Mobile operators had set their point of distribution of SIM-cards there, so that they won’t have problems with streaming to their countries.

Concept of the event

EcoFest has shown people how harmonically can nature and transport coexist together. How to correct the current environmental situation and implement a reasonable use of land. For this purpose, the technopark has created an atmosphere where every guest feels like a resident of the big city of the future, where opportunities and dreams come true.

Why did they bring soil to EcoFest?

Participants of EcoFest 2019 supported the initiative of the organizers to create a special bank of vital soils and soil microorganisms and brought samples of land from 90 various regions of the world. It will be used to create a unique relic humus that would be able to restore any type of soil including desert sands.

What’s a festival without entertainment?

Quests and games, shopping and food-courts, rest for the lazy and competitions for the active – the organizers tried to take into account guests’ interests. This year, there has been also set an attractions zone with a ninja-park and gigantic constructor.

Much attention of the festival participants was attracted by the museum located on the ground floor of the logistics hub combined with the anchor support. It does not look like a traditional exhibition – the most interesting thing is placed on the ceiling. Therefore, people were walking around in it with their heads raised up.

This year the park again exposed several photo zones that traditionally attracted those who are fond of taking selfies. By the way, there were more souvenirs at the festival this time, too. Everywhere there were happy people wearing branded baseball caps, t-shirts or neckpieces.

SkyWay transport tests

However, modern breakthrough SkyWay technologies were the most important thing at the festival. More specifically, innovative transport, automatic control systems and artificial intelligence. This year, the latest innovations in the fields of robotics and renewable energy were presented here again. By the way, all guests of the festival were able to try out SkyWay transport. Unicar, double-rail unibus and a 14-passenger unibus Were among the presented testing models.

When the guests of the festival examined the rolling stock personally, they were convinced of the high level of safety, comfort and innovations. And they believed even more in the power of SkyWay, a company that will ensure a future without cars together with investors.

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