EcoFest is the annual presentation of the SkyWay technology at the EcoTechnoPark in Belarus, where thousands of investors from dozens of countries gather. In 2019 alone, more than 5 000 people visited the EcoFest, and the number of participants in the online broadcast exceeded 50 000 thousand people!

In 2020, due to the pandemic, many major sporting and cultural events around the world had to be cancelled. However, this did not affect holding of the Ecofest- 2020, which for the first time, will take place in full in the online format.

On 23 October, at 11:00 (Minsk time), the SkyWay EcoFest-2020 will begin its live broadcast where you can expect:

  • 10:30-11:00 Start of live SWC broadcast (English & Russian)

    – You will hear the SWC investors and partners from around the world and find out what they think about the upcoming EcoFest in Vietnam, Nigeria, Slovakia, Czech Republic and other countries.


  • 11:00-14:30 The main program of the EcoFest (English, Russian, Vietnamese, French, Spanish, Indonesian)


    – The author of the technology Anatoli Unitsky’s video report to investors and answers to questions.

    – Speeches by investors from all over the world.

    – The demonstration of the SkyWay transport complexes’ work with comments from Anatoli Unitsky.

    – Live coverage from the UAE with the demonstration of the progress of the SkyWay Innovation Centre in Sharjah.


  • 14:30-15:30 Continuation of live SWC broadcast (English & Russian)


    – SWC achievements this year and plans for the future.

    – Successes of the LEVEL UP bonus program.

    – Answers of the SWC Board Members to partners’ questions.

    – The most popular offers of this year.

    – New Year presents with a new corporate style.


Links to the broadcast

Connect to the broadcast of the Ecofest at 10:30 (UTC +3) on 23 October in the chosen language:

– In Russian – 10:30 (MSC) –

– In English – 7:30 AM (GMT) –

– Français – 9:30 (Paris) –

– Español – 9:30 (Madrid) –

– Tiếng Việt – 14:30 (Hà Nội) –

– Bahasa Indonesia – 14:30 (Jakarta) –

Please save this schedule yourself and share it with your friends who are planning to attend this year’s SkyWay presentation. See you at the EcoFest!

Invest in the development of SkyWay and Win from the success of SkyWay!



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