This year’s annual EcoFest-2021 string technology presentation will be held at the UST Centre, Inc. in Sharjah. The event will run until the end of the Expo 2020 on 31 March 2022. That will allow visitors of the exhibition to experience the technology at the stand in Dubai and then travel to Sharjah to see it in action.

First and foremost, a visit to the Centre will be organised for investors, business representatives, government agencies and investment funds. Crowdfunding platform partners will be able to get to the technology presentation in Sharjah as part of organised groups. The dates of the trips will be announced by the management of the platforms.

The first presentation at the Centre took place on 22 October.

As several more events with the partners’ participation are planned in Sharjah in the future, it was decided not to have an online broadcast. Instead, photo and video reports from the UAE will be published on the platforms’ resources.

Please note that the speech by the General Designer of UST, Inc. Anatoli Unitsky regarding the company’s 2021 results is scheduled at the end of the year.

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