On 23 October, there took place the annual presentation of the string technologies the EcoFest-2020, which this year, was held for the first time in online format. Traditionally, Anatoli Unitsky, founder of the SkyWay project, delivered his speech in which he spoke about what results the company had achieved over the past year and what were the project’s prospects for the next year.

We publish the summary of ten main quotes by the inventor of the string transport:

1. The year 2020 reminded man and humanity of personal and civilisational vulnerability.

2. Despite the coronavirus epidemic, we have not stopped work for a day either in Belarus, where the design organisation, production and the Testing Centre are located, or in the United Arab Emirates, at the construction of the SkyWay Innovation Centre.

3. In the spring next year, we will show new heavy class rolling stock. We have designed and are currently manufacturing two unique rail vehicles: the 25-seat passenger Unibus, which can be assembled into a train with a capacity of 200 passengers; and the cargo Unibus, weighing 50 tons and with 35-ton carrying capacity, which can transport 40-foot containers.

4. At the SkyWay Innovation Centre in Sharjah, there have already been installed all supports for the 2.5-km freight and passenger track for testing heavy rolling stock, which we manufacture in Minsk.

5. At the Innovation Centre, we have already started the construction of a new cargo and passenger complex for heavy suspended rolling stock with large spans of 288 metres. This testing section can be seen as the first stage of the targeted project to transport sea containers. The length of the track will be about 100 km and about 30 km will be in the mountains.

6. At the end of 2020, we will have a range of 14 models of the rolling stock, two of which are tropical versions for the targeted projects in the Middle East.

7. Next year, we should complete the testing tracks in Belarus and the UAE and sign at least 3 contracts for cargo and urban targeted projects: we will have the tested and certified technology in the form required by the market. We planned to do much of that in 2020, but circumstances have disrupted not only plans of the SkyWay Group of Companies.

8. The approval for the 21-km land plot in Belarus is now being finalized for testing the high-speed transport at speeds of up to 500 km/h.

9. We intend to bring the environmentally hazardous part of the Earth’s industry into near space by the mid of the 21st century. If this is not done, our grandchildren will have no future.

10. Scientific and technical progress is endless. SkyWay will become a real unifying force for all humanity, which has no future without unity.

The full version of Anatoli Unitsky’s speech:

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