On its website, ArchiLine Wooden Houses, the contractor of the SkyWay project in the UAE, has posted some photos and a video of the EcoHouse construction in the SkyWay Innovation Centre in Sharjah.

The representatives of ArchiLine Wooden Houses highlighted the uniqueness of this project for the company. The building combines the eco-friendly construction technologies, American power sockets and separate water pipes, required in the UAE for religious reasons.

In the the photos, one can see how the materials were being unloaded at the beginning of the construction, forming of the foundation and installing the lower rows of timber.

By the way, on 20 April, in the release of «SkyWay in Brief» news, Mikhail Kirichenko, Head of the SkyWay Information Service, said that the finishing of the EcoHouse had already been completed.

ArchiLine Wooden Houses is a Belarusian company that designs and builds houses made of glued beams. The company is certified by the European Technical Commission and can participate in construction abroad. Those were ArchiLine Wooden Houses specialists who had prepared the EcoHouse project for SkyWay.

The EcoHouse in Sharjah will have two functions. Firstly, the EcoHouse is the future Headquarters of the SkyWay project in the Middle East. There will be held the presentations of the Skyway transport technology for foreign delegations. Secondly, the EcoHouse is the evident demonstration of the eco-friendly approach to construction. The walls of the building are made of wood and lined with stone along the outer perimeter. There are plans to plant the greenery on the roof, so the house will look like an untouched plot of fertile land from above.

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