The other day an article about EcoTechnoPark was published in the new issue of Office Life journal (in Russian). For some people, it is a reduced model of a linear city, for others — an innovative test center, and for the employees of SkyWay — an ordinary office. And such an office has its own charm.

“Almost all employees of the Company visit EcoTechnoPark regularly, and there are about 1,000 of them. Many work here constantly. The main thing that happens is bench and field tests, as well as debugging work, all sorts of checks necessary in the certification process, and so on.

Since the string transport is controlled by artificial intelligence, IT specialists spend a lot of time in EcoTechnoPark. Recently, they demonstrated the ability of transport modules to identify obstacles in the way, for example, detect a person and respond accordingly. Transport is constantly improving. Therefore, it is necessary to collect a large amount of data about its operation. Their processing can be done on the spot or transferred to employees in Minsk”.

“The whole activity of the Company occurs in furious pace which is required from it, as well as from any modern player in the market, by its purposes and ambitions (by the way, they are quite substantial – 50% of transport services sector). What distinguishes Unitsky String Technologies Co. from others is the ability to remain in harmony with nature, despite the rhythm of life in the modern world”.


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