Four years ago, in October, a commemorative sign «Zero Kilometre» was laid on the site of a former tank range. This was the beginning of the history of the SkyWay EcoTechnoPark, a centre of demonstration, testing and certification of the string transport technology innovative developments.

The commemorative sign is a monumental decorative composition cast in bronze. The designers of SkyWay Technologies Co. have developed more than a dozen sketches, from which investors have chosen the best version. According to the authors’ idea, the memorial symbolizes the entire path of improvement of transport and roads.

The sign itself depicts a map of Europe, where Belarus took the central place (it is from here that the string transport originates). The sign is built into a 1,000-tonne reinforced concrete slab, which also features the contours of the country. This is part of the anchor foundation, which later became the SkyWay passenger station. That’s how «Zero Kilometre» launched the construction of the world’s first string-rail flyover.

Laying of the commemorative sign was almost in the clear field. The EcoTechnoPark has completely changed in four years. Watch the video to remember how the SkyWay Test Center was being built and developed over time.


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