EcoTechnoPark – the SkyWay Testing Centre in Belarus hosted a tour for pupils from Gymnasium № 36 in Minsk. The pupils were told about the history of the technology, its characteristics and prospects.

The students were impressed with the EcoTechnoPark’s military past. We remind you that the Testing Centre was built on the site of a former tank range. In just 6 years, the project specialists have managed to erect five functioning tracks on this site, surrounded by well-kept gardens, paths and ponds.

Even more exciting part of the tour was the demonstration runs of the string transport. The visitors especially enjoyed the modern design in which the UST, Inc. vehicles are made.

The students were particularly interested in the Unicar. The representatives of the Centre explained that this model of the string transport is designed for comfortable transportation of 2-6 people around the city and suburban routes. For its unique characteristics, the Unicar has been exhibited several times at international exhibitions.

The students also got to know about the company’s philosophy. It is about preserving the planet and restoring the environment. This path starts with the introduction of the string transport, which does not require a lot of land for construction, does not pollute the soil and does not harm animals and plants.

After the tour, Olga Lipnitskaya, the school’s head teacher, shared her impressions:

«Thank you so much for the wonderful tour and warm welcome. It is nice that the future of our planet is not only thought of but also is being created. Good luck to your company!».

Invest in the development of SkyWay and Win from the success of SkyWay!


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