SkyWay transport system, which is being developed in Belarus, has recently received enormous attention in the Russian media. From the moment Russia’s most trusted business channel RBC released a report on the 4th SkyWay EcoFest in August, the ice has melted and media outlets are not afraid to show their love.

News story on RBC with English subtitles:

On a well-known YouTube entertainment channel TOP-Five with an audience of more than 4 million subscribers, there was published an overview of prospective solutions that can replace the usual modes of transport in the near future.

The authors of the video rated the three most ambitious projects that claim the title of «transport of the future», one of which is SkyWay. Popular video has already gained almost 80 000 views within a few days.

The Internet-publication about science and technology published an article in which the author compares SkyWay with classical transport means. The main drawbacks of modern transport are low efficiency, harmful environmental impact on the environment, and danger in traffic arrangement. At designing of the SkyWay transport, the engineers of the company have considered all set forth above minuses and have created new system which, according to the author of the article, can change representation about transport forever.

«The main advantage of the SkyWay system, with which other concepts can’t compete, is its full implementability. This is not a project that exists only on the drawing boards of engineers, but the developed technology that has been put into practice».

This is already the second article about the string transport, published in the last month on the pages of the resource. Earlier, the correspondent visited the territory of the EcoTechnoPark during the EcoFest 2019 and shared his impressions in other material.


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