SKY WAY CAPITAL has become a participant of the international forum in the field of private investments, which was held in Moscow on 7 December.

Private Money Forum is supported by Brian Tracy Academy. For a few days, members of the forum have been talking about how to manage their personal capital and where to find new sources of income.

Alexey Sukhodoev, SKY WAY CAPITAL Board Member, became one of the speakers of the forum. In his speech, he spoke about the history of SkyWay and how important SkyWay’s reputation is for attracting investments.

The presentation of the SkyWay technology was held at the VR-station stand for watching video and photo with the string transport in 360 format. Everyone could visit the SkyWay test centre at the EcoTechnoPark and see the string transport in action with the help of virtual reality glasses.

The special guest of the forum was Brian Tracy, a world-class financial consultant. Evgeny Kudriashov, SKY WAY CAPITAL Crowdfunding Platform Development Head, presented the SkyWay technology personally to Brian.

Watch the interview with Brian Tracy in full:

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