On 25-26 September 2019, the international forum and exhibition «Intelligent Transport Systems of Russia. Digital Era of Transport» was held in Moscow for the fourth time. This is a key platform in Russia for discussion, exchange of experience and consolidation of efforts, which brings together customers and suppliers of solutions in the field of digital technologies for transport.

At the last forum, there were discussed digital highway infrastructure, integrated transport development of cities and municipalities, IT development in logistics, communication network infrastructure, as well as monitoring of transport, passenger services, navigation and telematics services. The «Digitalization of Transport in the Context of «smart» city and the national project «Safe and Quality Roads» became the main topic for discussion at the forum.

SkyWay Technologies Co. was presented by Yevgeny Rodchenkov, Head of the Intelligent Systems Administration; Anton Yelistratov, Head of the Software Development Department; and Marina Monchenko, Head of the Target Projects Department. Her report was devoted to platform solutions for the «smart» city of the future based on the SkyWay technology:

«It is predicted that by 2023, it is the intelligent transport and logistics systems that will have attracted the largest investments among the five sectors of a «smart» city. At the same time, the global market for «smart» urban services will be more than $400 billion per year. The main innovation of a «smart» city in relation to transport is a radical change in the approach to the issue. Transport should be a solution to problems, not a source of problems. This point of view is the philosophy of our company.

The principal part of a «smart» city is the use of automatic control systems. In the direction of «smart transport» it is primarily the minimization of the human factor and full automation.

The SkyWay project also keeps up with the trend for automation: motion control is based on sensor readings using artificial intelligence.»

Two years ago, at the forum «ITS of Russia», the representatives of SkyWay Technologies Co. communicated with the Minister of transport of Russia Maxim Sokolov and made comments for the publication «World of Roads», which brought resonance to the event, given the liquidation announcement of VIM-Avia.

Source: https://skyway.capital/news/new?id=623

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