“Transport is getting smarter in full view”, – a publication with this headline appeared on the construction portal¬†stroypuls.ru. It is all about the development of the transport space of St. Petersburg: the integrated information management systems for public transport are being introduced in the city, the developments are being made in the field of the Internet of things in the sphere of transportation, and the energy-efficient rolling stock is being purchased.

The SkyWay transport system is also in the trends of the infrastructure development in St. Petersburg: the string road is proposed to be used for transporting passengers between the city and Pulkovo airport. As noted by stroypuls.ru, the officials are ready to consider such a project after all the tests have been successfully completed, and the new mode of transport has received all the necessary certificates.

In addition to promoting numerous promising projects in Russia, the work continues on the implementation of SkyWay in Australia. This time, the article about the string transport, and how it can be used with local specialties, was issued by Daily Mercury, Queensland. It notes that SkyWay offers more innovative, eco-friendly, economical, fast and safe solution for transport tasks.

Experience shows that publications in foreign media often arouse interest in the project for domestic journalists, who, unfortunately, rarely pay attention to ideas and projects that are not “in the light of spotlights.” The same thing happened with the article on the well-known ecological and technological Internet portal Cleantechnica. A lot of Russian-language media realized the importance of the SkyWay project and decided to tell about it only after the articles in the western source.¬† Portal¬†“Politexpert”¬†and news site¬†U-News24¬†wrote that string transport is something serious, and it can be rightfully considered a topical competitor to the well-known Hyperloop.

By the way, the American journalists noted SkyWay’s participation in the recent exhibition Future Cities Show Dubai“. The site of¬†LA TF USA¬†informed that during the event the local public and guests from 150 countries were presented with a promising technology of the transport placed on the second level. An article about SkyWay was also published by the oldest English newspaper in AUE – Khaleej Times.

Original: https://skyway.capital/en/News/skyway_in_the_media/

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