Before EcoFest 2019, we asked guests to bring us soil samples from their homeland. Quite a large number of guests responded – the organizers received about 90 samples from all over the world. Today we will tell you what happened to them afterwards.

The samples were sent to the GreenWay bank of soil. It is a site in a clearing in a forest area that has never been used for farming. Here, the most numerous and effective aggregations of agronomically valuable microorganisms are separated from the obtained universal fertile soil.

These aggregations of microorganisms are tested on plants: cereals, vegetables, herbs, fruit trees and others. We measure germinating capacity, seed germination rate, the rate of biomass production by plants, culture resistance to disease and lack of nutrients. All this is necessary to test the effect of selected groups of microorganisms on plants and choose the most valuable, persistent and rapidly multiplying among them.

Products grown in this way are examined for taste. We also study the chemical composition of all parts of plants to get detailed data and choose the composition of UniTerra humus. Studies have already confirmed that the effective concentrations of humus are less than 1% when applied to the soil.

Subsequently, UniTerra humus will be used for the cultivation of various crops, such as vegetables, cereals, fodder, oilseeds, essential oil plants, technical, medicinal, floral, fruit and berry plants. The laboratory will select the optimal concentration of humus for each crop, taking into account various parameters: for example, yield capacity, development of the root system of plants, etc.

Employees of the Department for advanced development of SkyWay Technologies Co. will tell more about it.

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