SkyWay Group of Companies expresses its position in connection with a number of publications in the Indonesian media concerning the freezing of PT SkyWay Technologies Indonesia’s activities.

The work of the Indonesian partner was frozen back in May of this year due to the loss of confidence in the company’s director Madinatul Fadhilah. There is evidence of non-compliance with the principles of transparency and violation of the laws of financial activity on her part. The statements by PT SkyWay Technologies Indonesia’s director Madinatul Fadhilah, published in local media, cannot be associated with SkyWay due to freezing the activities of the organization headed by her. Her statements are considered as provocation, an additional confirmation of the manager’s unfair attitude towards the mission entrusted to her and an attempt to discredit SkyWay Group of Companies.

Quite recently, Madinatul Fadhilah gave an interview to Mikhail Kirichenko and the Indonesian press, where she expressed completely opposite ideas about SkyWay, spoke about its prospects in Indonesia. Now we can only assume what tempts the former regional director to make those harsh statements that she affords today.

“We have terminated cooperation with the Indonesian partner after revealing the fact of embezzlements of the parent company’s funds aimed at developing PT SkyWay Technologies Indonesia. We cannot take an unjustified risk, taking into account the scale of the tasks and the degree of responsibility. The publications that appeared lately confirm the validity of our fears. We will deal with the situation and bring it to its logical completion in court,” commented on the situation the management of the Group of Companies. It is also noted that SkyWay is still open to cooperation and joint development of projects with all financially independent and trustworthy partners in Indonesia.


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