From 22 to 25 September 2020, Berlin will host the XIII international specialized exhibition InnoTrans 2020, dedicated to innovation and transport technology. By tradition, the event will bring together hundreds of exhibitors and specialists from various countries of the world, showcase the latest models of technology, and determine the vectors of further development of the transport industry.

The developer of the SkyWay string transport systems will be one of the participants of the forthcoming exhibition; at the SkyWay stand it is planned to present new models of the rolling stock, as well as other developments in the field of cargo and passenger transportation.

We remind you that the InnoTrans 2020 will be already the third one in a row Innotrans exhibition in which the SkyWay project organization will take part in. The debut presentation of the string transport systems industrial samples of the 4th generation rolling stock — Unibus U4-210 and Unibike U4-621 — was held within the framework of the exhibition InnoTrans 2016; and in 2018, the company-developer demonstrated the high-speed Unibus U4-362, the most aerodynamic vehicle ever made, capable of transporting passengers at speeds of up to 500 km/h with minimum energy consumption.

Invest in the development of SkyWay and Win from the success of SkyWay!


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