The company-developer of the string transport has become a member of one of the largest international organizations.  The International Union of Public Transport brings together more than 1,400 transport companies and research organizations from more than 96 countries.

The International Union of Public Transport – UITP, is a credible organization with more than a century of history.  The cooperation with it gives transport companies access to qualified expertise in the field of public transport.  The organization holds industry congresses and exhibitions, provides consultations and gives access to the largest thematic online library. There are transport companies from all over the world in the online registry of the union.

The core of this platform’s activities is business ties and cooperation. UITP consists of more than 18,000 professionals of the transport industry, the organization helps its participants to establish business contacts both among industry companies and potential customers.  UITP also facilitates communication with transport officials and media representatives.

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