The SkyWay project cooperates with the French company Mafelec, a leading manufacturer of components for railway transport. The company supplies SkyWay with lighting equipment and Technology Interface Systems (HMI).

In particular, it is planned to install buttons for manual door opening made by Mafelec, which will reduce boarding time in vehicles. The Head of the design bureau «Electrical equipment» Mikhail Yudenok shared his opinion about the French components:

«Our cooperation with Mafelec shows that we use quality products that will last for a long time and with which there will be no problems. Thus, we say that our vehicles will be reliable down to the smallest detail.»

To meet the requirements of the European transport regulations, the SkyWay unibuses will also be equipped with Mafelec parking lights.

Invest in the development of SkyWay and Win from the success of SkyWay!



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